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13 Oct 2017
7 Jun 2016

The History of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik means ‘oak grove’. The name has been in use since the Middle Ages, and refers to the thick oak forest that once thrive…

21 Apr 2016

7 Reasons To Take A Walking Tour Of Istria

The Romans referred to it as Terra Magica – and it’s a title that is still relevant today. Istria – the largest peninsula in the…

Tags: Walking, Istria
15 Mar 2016

Cycling tips to help make the most of your holiday in Croatia

A cycling holiday is the best way to explore Croatia. Getting on your bike means that your trip will be far more authentic, and …

Tags: Cycling Tips
15 Mar 2016

Best Sightseeing Attractions in Croatia

Croatia is an up and coming tourist destination, as more and more visitors flock to the country each year.

9 Dec 2015
3 Mar 2014

Fiore Tours takes you to Parenazana trail.

Explore Parenzana trail on two wheels with us!