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Cycling tips to help make the most of your holiday in Croatia

March 15, 2016





A cycling holiday is the best way to explore Croatia. Getting on your bike means that your trip will be far more authentic, and you’ll get a much better experience of the country, its people, landscape and culture.   

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your cycling holiday in Croatia:


1)    Physical fitness and preparation

Cycling is fun and it’s an accessible pastime for people of all ages and stages of life. Before you start on any cycling holiday, have a think about your physical fitness and what type of tour and route would best suit you.

And, before you head off on your holiday to Croatia, do a little time on the bike if it’s not something you do on a daily basis. It’ll strengthen your confidence, help your body get used to the saddle and reduce the chance of getting ‘cycle legs’.

Fiore Tours – the travel specialist for Croatian cycling holidays - offer a real variety of tours. To find out more visit:


2)    Bike safety

On any bike outing, bike safety is paramount. In Croatia you must wear a cycle helmet. The other cycling rules to be aware of when cycling in Croatia are:

-       You need to drive / cycle on the right.

-       You should always cycle in a cycle lane. If there are no cycle lanes on your route, then move in to the right, as far as possible.

-       If you are in a group, you must cycle one behind the other.

-       You need to keep control of your bike at all times and have your hands on the handlebars.

-       And if you are caught breaking these rules, then you are liable to pay a fine!


It’s always a good idea to familiarise yourself with the highway code of the country you are visiting. 

The good news is that Croatia’s roads are in superb, smooth condition and the signs and cycling signs on the road network is superb.


3)    The right kit will keep you comfortable

And it’s advisable to wear good cycling kit – for instance bright coloured clothing, lycra shorts suitable for cycling and sitting on the saddle, a wicking top / jacket and a waterproof jacket. Take your water bottle with you to hep you stay hydrated.

4)    Know your way around your bike

If you choose a supported tour, then you’ll have people around to be able to help you with any mechanical issues. But it’s always a good idea to familiarise yourself with basic bike maintenance – like repairing punctures and chains, adjusting the saddle, etc. If you think this is something you could brush up on, then visit YouTube where you will find lots of video tutorials to help.


5)    The language

In addition to the Croatian language, English is the most commonly used ‘foreign’ language. Most hotels, shops and tourist related services have an English speaker present. Italian and German are also commonly used, but not as much as English. However, Croatian people are known for their friendliness and helpfulness so the language usually isn’t a barrier. But as with any holiday abroad, it’s good to learn a few key phrases. It’s helpful and the locals will love the fact that you’re trying!


6)    Awesome surroundings

Cycling in Croatia means that you’ll be in a great position to really see and experience the country and everything it has to offer. And when it comes to the scenery, Croatia really is a gem. 

From your bike, you’ll see so much more. You are closer to the landscape and the pace of a bike tour means that the scenery won’t be flying past (like it would in a car or bus), giving you time to really enjoy it. And since you are on a bike, the pace is such that you’ll cover enough ground to ensure that you see lots of the country too.  

Fiore Tours is a specialist in offering holidays in Croatia, so their bike tours are based on making sure you get to see the breadth of the country. From Dubrovnik to the Islands, to Split and further inland to the national parks – Fiore Tours offer a great deal of breadth.  To find out more about a biking holiday in Croatia, visit:


7)    Capitalise on the coast

Cycling in Croatia offers you a great opportunity to get to experience more of the country – so take the time to soak it up.  

There are 1,246 islands off the coastline. Fiore Tours will provide you with the opportunity to choose a route that includes some of the island highlights – like their Dubrovnik to Istria tour or the Kvarner Islands cycling tour.

What’s more – you are usually always near the coast when cycling in Croatia. You’ll find beautiful places like Zadar with its waterfront and open air art, its greeting to the sun and its sea organ. It’s a unique place.  And whilst you are at the coast, take the opportunity to reward your legs with a swim in the Adriatic! (Fiore Tour’s Dubrovnik to Istria tour includes a stop at Zadar).


8)    But there is more to Croatia than the coast

Take time away from the developed coastline to cycle inland. You’ll be well rewarded with spectacular forests, valleys, rivers and lakes, hidden towns and of course olive groves and vineyards. Fiore Tour’s Istrian wine roads tour will take you through these gems.


9)    Travel back in time

Croatia’s history is absorbing. Take time out to find out more about it – particularly in Split and Dubrovnik. Fiore Tour has a route that will take you from one place to the other with plenty of time to experience both. You’ll be fascinated.




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