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We take the selection of our accommodations very seriously, as the places we stay can often add to the charm and authenticity of a nature travel experience. We generally choose the best accommodations available close to the most interesting places and "where the action is". All of our accommodations have private toilet and shower facilities. Single and triple accommodations are not always available. Double accommodations have twin beds or one double bed.


We encourage single travelers to join our trips! Travelers who would prefer a single room (not available on some trips or portions of some trips) may have one at a single-room surcharge. We cannot always guarantee single accommodations even after reservations and confirmations, have been made. We apologize for having to charge the single-room fee, but our program costs are based on two people sharing the expense of a hotel room. To accommodate our single travelers, we have made a concerted effort to keep our single supplement fees as low as possible.

Family Trips

We generally welcome children ages six and older on our family adventures. However, while some six-year-old are well-suited for some or all of our family adventures, others may not be ready for the requirements of group travel. For this reason, we believe it is more useful to consider this age limit a guideline rather than a hard and fast rule. We believe that you, as a parent or guardian, are best qualified to decide whether or not your child would enjoy the experience without compromising the comfort of others. We strongly encourage you to call our office about the specific requirements of the trip you're considering so that you can make an informed decision about your child's participation. We are unable to allow children younger than six on these scheduled departures due to safety regulations, physical limitations, and concerns regarding group dynamics.

Booking Procedure:

A booking for a trip with Fiore Adventure can be made by first checking price and availability and then sending a signed booking form and a deposit, with the insurance premium if applicable to the address shown below. A deposit is 30% of the price of the total price. A booking is not confirmed before we receive the booking form and deposit at which point a receipt and invoice for the final balance will be issued. The balance is due four weeks before departure. Full payment is required for a booking made less than four weeks before departure. Payment can be accepted with bank transfer or by credit card. If the balance is not paid at the specified time, unless previously arranged with us in writing, we reserve the right to cancel the booking.


Prices are netto in EURO. The prices includes all services specified in the itinerary. Unless specifically included, it does not include: International flights, Visa and passport charges, Airport taxes, Insurance, Meals and services not included in the itinerary, Expenses of a personal nature, Insurance, Emergency costs, Excess baggage charges.


The itinerary is provided in good faith but should be seen as a general aim rather than a contractual statement of detail. In particular standards of comfort and service may vary and transport timings may change. Factors beyond our control may necessitate changes. Clients will be consulted when ever possible when there are choices available. Route and hotel changes may be necessary and will always be at the discretion of the tour leaders and Fiore Adventure Travel. They do not constitute an alteration of your holiday and will not be compensated. Under no circumstances can Fiore Adventure Travel, any ground operators or representatives be held responsible for any wildlife mentioned in our brochures or itineraries, but not actually seen during the holiday.

Pre-Trip Documents

Educating and preparing our travelers is a priority for us. Approximately one months prior to departure, you will receive a comprehensive Pre-Departure Briefing detailing your trip, the history and wildlife of the region, what to pack and how best to prepare. Depending on the specific trip, you may receive other documents at this time or at a later date.

Alterations by us:

We reserve the right to alter arrangements and itineraries because of operational factors, or when we consider it in the best interests of our clients. Changes will be made known to clients as soon as possible. If these changes are substantial and unacceptable a refund may be given. In regard to financial alterations, we reserve the right to alter quoted prices. Should any price increase exceed 10% of the total cost you the client has the right to cancel the booking and a refund may be given. Less than 30 clear days before the date of commencement of your tour, no additional charges will be made except when the booking has been made within this period in which case additional charges may be made up to and including the date on which the invoice is issued.

Alterations by you:

Any special requirements should be notified at the time of booking. Alterations after booking are sometimes possible, but note that there is an administration charge for this service.

Cancellation by us:

We reserve the right to cancel the trip for reasons beyond our control. A full refund will be made but we accept no responsibility for further compensation. If such cancellation is due to 'force majeure' (inclusive of war, civil or political unrest and natural disasters) reasonable expenses we have incurred will be deductible from any refund. Any compensation and refund is strictly limited to monies paid to us. We are not liable for any expense you have incurred as a result of your booking.

Cancellation by you:

Cancellations must be made in writing. The following charges will apply:


It is a condition of booking that you are adequately insured and provide Fiore Adventure with a copy of your insurance policy. It is essential that your insurance company should be aware of the type of trip you are undertaking. Insurance must cover you fully against repatriation costs should you become too ill to continue with the tour and it is essential that you are covered for evacuation of yourself from remote regions, should the need arise.

Passports and Visas:

We will give general advice on passport and visa requirements, but it is your responsibility to ensure that you meet all official requirements for the trip. Most countries beyond Europe require passports to be valid at least six months after entry. Be sure that the name given to Fiore Adventure for tickets etc is the same as on your passport. Information can also be found at


The following are recommended: † Hepatitis A † Polio † Tetanus †Thyphoid Please note that EHIC's (European Health Insurance Certificates) are not valid in Croatia although a reciprocal health agreement for urgent medical treatment exists with the UK. You will need to present your passport to claim for any treatment required. For detailed information and advice concerning vaccinations go to:


The trip leader, guide or local ground operator who represents Fiore Adventure has overriding authority on our holidays. It is essential that the instructions of the trip leader / guide are followed at all times for the safety and well being of individuals and of the group. You agree to comply with such instruction on signature of our booking form. We reserve the right to require any person to withdraw from the trip if their behaviour is deemed offensive, dangerous or incompatible with the conduct of others, and we shall be under no further liability to any such person.


We will give general advice on health matters before the trip, but you are advised to consult your doctor for specific advice. Depending on your trip, parts maybe strenuous and it is your responsibility to be adequately fit. During the trip a basic first aid kit will be carried but the leader / guide is not medically qualified and any treatment will be only with your consent. Be sure that you carry any specific personal medication.


Whilst every effort will be made for your comfort, it must be understood that all trips are potentially hazardous and involve a degree of risk and discomfort. We accept no liability for any loss, damage, injury, expense, delay or inconvenience. We cannot be held responsible, unless as a direct result of negligence, for any mishap to yourself or to your property.


In the unlikely event of you being dissatisfied with any aspect of the trip, the matter should be raised with the leader / guide as soon as possible. Matters can usually be put right on the spot. Failure to do this will adversely affect any claim at a later date. In the event of continuing dissatisfaction, the complaint should be made to us, in writing, within 14 days of your return. We will investigate fully and report back to you as soon as possible. We agree to independent arbitration should this become necessary.

Booking Conditions:

On signature of the booking form you are accepting our terms and conditions as described in the booking conditions. The booking conditions may only be waived by a director of the company and in writing. On acceptance of your booking we agree to carry out our obligations to you as defined in the documents you have received. These conditions are subject to and shall be construed according to Croatian law.