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Istrian wine roads tour


There is something magical in Istria, the largest Croatian peninsula, immersed in the blue of the Adriatic. Its green forests, historic hilltop towns, vineyards, olive groves and gentle rivers are a perfect combination of the beauty of nature, history and culture. When you add to this the seductive tastes of excellent Istrian wines, you just know that this is an area which offers you everything you need. Enjoy an easy bike ride and explore Istria, passing through the hidden medieval towns of Grožnjan, Oprtalj, Motovun, and the former Roman colony of Poreč whose charm will leave you breathless. Passing through a landscape of hills framed by rivers, with forests, vineyards and olive groves, you’ll enjoy every moment. Take a break at the winemakers and taste indigenous wines such as Malvasia and Teran, treat yourself to tasty delicacies and experience all the charms of Istria, this exciting Croatian wine region.

● Cycling through the breathtaking Istrian landscape
● Visit to Istrian winemakers
● Tasting the wines and culinary specialties of Istria
● Visiting the medieval towns of Motovun, Grožnjan, Poreč, Rovinj



Arrival in Buje area hotel. Afternoon you will have meeting with our representative (map with location of our office will be sent to you) where we will provide you with the package including hotel vouchers, bicycle with all equipment, maps and a road book. Our minivan will drive you to Buje from where you will start cycling the next day. Overnight in guesthouse Lovac or similar. Rural house in heart of Istria, a peaceful oasis for relaxation and an ideal starting point for daily exploration of this beautiful area.

Accomodation: Guesthouse Lovac or similar

2. DAY – BUJE - UMAG - BUJE - 43 km / 27 miles /elevation gain 505m

This tour starts with easy downhill ride to the coast on the northest point of Istrian peninsula. There is a lighthouse which you can visit, according to the legend build by count Metternich as his love nest. Savudrija is one of the oldest lighthouse in the Adriatic, built in 1818. It is also the northernmost Istrian lighthouse. Its building is 36 meters tall and there is a keeper living inside it. The trail continues south to Umag. Llittle town with about 45 km of the coastline and interesting hinterland integrates special features of the whole region and might be the best introduction into a different experience of the Mediterranean. Umag's history is extremly interesting; it was founded by roman nobleman who decided to make it his summer residence. The glamour, magnificence and glare of the times can be seen today in the Venetian houses of the old town. City walls and fortification are partially preserved as well as some renaissance and baroque buildings and churches. Vineyards and olive groves will create an atmosphere of typical west Istrian landscape. Visit to wine cellar to taste the muscat, local sort of wine. Overnight in Buje area.

Accomodation: Guesthouse Lovac or similar
Meals:Breakfast included
Distance: 43 km / 27 miles
Points of interest:Savudrija lighthouse, Umag, local wineries and restaurants.

3. DAY – BUJE - BRTONIGLA -NOVIGRAD - BUJE - 39 km / 24 miles / elevation gain 390m

From Buje area you're cycling through Kršete pitoresque village and arriving to small town Brtonigla. It has churches and monasteries from XV. century. Further the trail leads through wineyards and olive groves of Brtonigla area.Wine is very popular from this area (teran). Across endless vineyards You'll reach Novigrad where you can visit the olive oil production and taste some of the best oils, in one word taste Istria.Through Dajla and Karigador villages on the coast you're getting to Lovrečica venetian bishops coastal village.Following the road through Škrinjari, Babići and Buroli village you'll see traditional istrian houses.Road by the wineyard will take you back to your hotel.Overnight in hotel in Buje area.

Accomodation:Guesthouse Lovac or similar
Meals:Breakfast included
Distance: 39 km / 24 miles
Points of interest:Novigrad, Olive oil mill, local wineries and restaurants.

4. DAY - BUJE - MOTOVUN - 35 km / 22 miles / elevation gain 690m

From Buje you will continue towards Grožnjan. Typical istrian medieval town sprout high on top of a hill along the right coast of the river Mirna, renaissance loggia dating from 1585 and the beautiful St. Vitus and Modesto’s baroque church. If you just occasionally rpass along its streets in which almost every door leads to art studios or galleries, and which windows from every direction echoes the sounds of different music genres, from classical to jazz, you’ll understand why Grožnjan is known as "The town of artists". Oprtalj, unchanged urban medieval style of building , the narrow streets, the shops, the beautiful Venetian palaces, portals and covered passages, and particularly the unique view to the Istrian peninsula from the town loggia, according to many the most beautiful of Istria. From Oprtalj you are going downhill enjoying the view on Mirna river and eventually arriving in Livade, the truffle center of Istria where you can visit the local truffle shop and taste it in various forms. The truffle is a underground malodorous fungus believed to be an aphrodisiac. On the hill in front of the Livade is Motovun, surely the most famous and attractive istrian medieval hilltown. Around Livade is the Motovun forest which streches along Mirna River valley is especially rich with truffles. Overnight in hotel "Kaštel" in Motovun.

Accomodation:Guesthouse Villa Borgo or similar
Meals:Breakfast included
Distance: 35 km / 22 miles
Points of interest: Grožnjan the city of artists, Livade (truffle center of the world), Wineries and rastaurants, Motovun

5. DAY - MOTOVUN - POREČ 39 km / 24 miles / elevation gain 380m

This part of the trail goes from inland to the coast. It follows the road to Višnjan where you will pass by an observatory. Its one of the 5 most famous observatories in the world. The road continues to the town of Višnjan which is on 246m altitude and from there you'll be able to catch a view on west Istrian coast and the coastal town of Poreč. In Višnjan surroundings is possibile to visit many wine cellars with wine from Poreč area, especcialy malvasia. Tour countinues to Tar, a little town on the hill above the sea and to Nova Vas village by the famous cave (which you can visit). after passing a few more villages the trail reaches Poreč. Overnight in Poreč.

Accomodation: Hotel 3* "Poreč" or similar
Meals:Breakfast included
Distance: 39 km / 24 miles
Points of interest: Višnjan observatory , Wine cellars with local sorts malvasia and teran, Baredine cave

6. DAY – POREČ - VRSAR - POREČ 43 km / 27 miles / elevation gain 510m

From Poreč the trail starts with sightseeing the Euphrasiana, the most valuable monument in Poreč, a church build in 6th century. Follow the road untill you reach the village of Bačva village. Bačva is the highest point of this stage and there is local restaurant with traditional dishes where you can enjoy tasting local food. It continues to southern villages and it comes down to coast in the town of Vrsar. With a commanding view of the coast, it was natural for Vrsar to become a defended fortress. Only parts of the fortification system, built in the 12th century, have been preserved but the fortress-castle used as summer residence of the Poreč bishops, is well worth a look. After Vrsar the trail passes Funtana fishing village, Zelena and Plava Laguna touristic villages are the south doorstep of Poreč.

Accomodation: Hotel 3* "Poreč" or similar
Meals:Breakfast included
Distance: 43 km / 27 miles
Points of interest: The Euphrasian Basilica, Vrsar, Wineyards

7. DAY – POREČ - KANFANAR - ROVINJ 31 km / 19 miles (optional) 31 km / 19 miles / elevation gain 602m ( 159m)

After breakfast you can choose to be transfered to Kanfanar or reach it on your own. Kanfanar is a small town above the Lim valley. From Kanfanar starts the flattest ride of all in this tour. Passing by istrian inland villages you will see traditional Istrian toolhouses (kažun). After reaching Bale you can visit the Bebmbo palace, city square and museum. Continue to Rovinj and on the way you'll seed "Palud" an ornithological reserve in which you can cycle around. After village Kokuletovica you can turn in Monkodonja. Monkodonja is a prehistoric hilltown inhabited about 1800-1200 BC during the Bronze Age. After Monkodonja you will reach Rovinj, your goal of this tour, the "Pearl of Adriatic". With its church and belltower on the hill by the sea its very recognizable from all sides. Also called istrian Venice, old town which was once an island and then connected with land, famous for its traditional boat called batana. Restaurants with fresh fish combined with malvasia will complete this week's atmosphere. It will fascinate you.Everybody can enjoy Rovinj, its charm and magic. Overnigt in hotel vila Lili in Rovinj.

Accomodation: Hotel 3* "Vila Lili" or similar
Meals:Breakfast included
Distance: 31 km / 19 miles (optional) 31 km / 19 miles
Points of interest: Dvigrad, Bale, Monkodonja historical site, Rovinj and its coast and archipel, Local food.


Departure after breakfast.
Meals: Breakfast

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Prikaži Self Guided Istrian wine road tour 8 days na većoj karti



  • Welcome meeting
  • 3 x overnight in a 3* hotel in Buje area
  • 1 x overnight in a 3* hotel in Motovun
  • 2 x overnight in a 3* hotel in Poreč
  • 1 x overnight in a 3* hotel in Rovinj
  • 7 x breakfast
  • Information package including detailed route description (map and road book) and vouchers
  • Luggage transport between accommodations
  • 24/7 emergency number
  • Excluded

  • Travel and bike insurance
  • Arrival and departure from Istria
  • Transfer from airport to hotel and re-tour (can be organised)
  • Lunches, dinners and drinks
  • Bike rentals with equipment (tube repair kit, spare tube, pump, locks, bottle holder, rear rack and helmet if required) EUR 90 per bike for a week (depending on choosen bike model)
  • Arrival and departure from Istria
  • Transfer from airport to hotel and re-tour (can be organised)
  • Lunches, dinners and drinks
  • Pickup Instructions

  • We can organise transfer from any airport or bus/train station nearby. Closest airtports:
  • Pula airport:
  • You can take local bus froma airport to Pula bus station and from bus station to Poreč. The best is to take transfer.
  • Trieste airport:
  • The best way is to take transfer. There are no bus/train connections. You can meet us in our office (please contact us in advance)


    You should be in a moderate physical condition to do this trip.



    Supplement for single room (when traveling with others)
    01.03.-27.04. 120,00 €
    28.04.-28.05. 140,00 €
    29.05.-27.06. 140,00 €
    28.06.-28.08. 160,00 €
    29.08.-27.09. 140,00 €
    28.09.-30.11. 140,00 €

    Supplement for single traveler (when traveling alone)
    01.03.-27.04. 240,00 €
    28.04.-28.05. 260,00 €
    29.05.-27.06. 260,00 €
    28.06.-28.08. 280,00 €
    29.08.-27.09. 260,00 €
    28.09.-30.11. 260,00 €


    Supplement for PREMIUM HOTELS per person in double room ( Classic price plus this supplement)
    01.03.-27.04. 450,00 €
    28.04.-28.05. 530,00 €
    29.05.-27.06. 640,00 €
    28.06.-28.08. 650,00 €
    29.08.-27.09. 640,00 €
    28.09.-30.11. 530,00 €

    Supplement for single room (when traveling with others)
    01.03.-27.04. 450,00 €
    28.04.-28.05. 450,00 €
    29.05.-27.06. 490,00 €
    28.06.-28.08. 550,00 €
    29.08.-27.09. 490,00 €
    28.09.-30.11. 450,00 €

    Supplement for single traveler (when traveling alone)
    01.03.-27.04. 570,00 €
    28.04.-28.05. 570,00 €
    29.05.-27.06. 610,00 €
    28.06.-28.08. 670,00 €
    29.08.-27.09. 610,00 €
    28.09.-30.11. 570,00 €

    Extra nights in possible on request.

    Hybrid bike rental 90,00 € for a tour
    Road bike rental 140,00 € for a tour
    E-bike rental 180,00 € for a tour


    Hotels are 3* with excellent service.
    Bring sunscreen and hat if its summer. Suitable clothes for cycling.

    Who carries my luggage?
    On all tours, whether guided or self-guided, your luggage is transferred to your following night's accommodation. Luggage transfer is mostly carried out by Fiore Tours, by  sometimes we use also the accommodation provider or a local taxi service. Bags should be ready for collection by 09:30am and will be at your next overnight stop by 3pm.

    What type of bikes do you use?
    Our adult bicycles are quality hybrids, made by FELT. The model is the QX80 and we have a range of sizes to ensure there is a good match between you and your hire bike. These are very comfortable bikes, with quality components, ideally suited for roads and gravel tracks. The bikes have 27 gears, operated by easy-to-use gear shifters.
    What equipment/clothing do I need to bring with me?
    We supply helmets, hand pump, puncture repair kits, cycle computers (measuring speed, distance etc.).rear rack and bottle holder. We recommend that you bring a lightweight waterproof in case of showers. On longer tours, you might like to, wear cycling shorts or padded under-shorts, cycling gloves and cycling shoes (or stiff-soled trainers) as these will make your ride more comfortable. Sunglasses protect your eyes from bright light, and also from airborne insects – a particular hazard if you are speeding downhill on a bike.
    Can I organize a trip with just my friends or family?
    Yes, just let us know your chosen trip and we can organize a private departure. Prices may vary from those given on the website, depending on the size of the group and date of departure.
    What is the accommodation going to be like
    Accommodation is clean and simple. You'll mainly stay in small, locally-run, 2-3 star hotels and guesthouses, which reflect the character of the area.
    What is the food like?
    Breakfasts are generally buffets that take your active program into consideration with a variety of low-fat and high-nutrition choices. Lunch is generally on your own, although some groups tours decide to pool funds on some days and enjoy picnics en route. Dinners are usually included with guided tours, and dinner packages ("half pension") are a frequent option with self-guided tours. Expect either a fixed menu or a few choices. If you have any allergies, restrictions or strong preferences, please let us know as far in advance as possible.
    How busy are the roads?
    The beauty of cycling in Istria is that the roads are generally very quiet. Our tours are planned on local roads with some short connections on main roads but generally the cycling is relaxed and traffic light.
    How far in advance do I need to book?
    We suggest you book as soon as your plans are finalised as Istria is extremely popular over the summer months.
    When is the best time of year?
    Traditionally April/May/June and September/October  have always been the most popular time of year because the weather is better and on the road is less traffic. In July and August air temperature and humidity are higher and more traffic on the roads.

    What happens if I can’t cycle a stage?
    We use local taxis to transfer your baggage and they can normally move you, your bike and baggage to the next stop in case of emergency. Local buses can also sometimes take bikes.
    When do I get my tour documents?
    You receive tour documents, including your hotel list and information on how to get to your starting town and hotel, tour operator contacts, packing tips, and other helpful information, about 2-3 weeks before your tour. You get packets with maps, route instructions, and sightseeing information at your start hotel.














    - Customer Reviews

    Reviewed by Graham Copeland on
    We have just returned from Croatia and would like to thank everyone for helping us have such a fantastic cycling holiday. The ebikes made everything very easy.
    All the hotels were brilliant and the food excellent.

    We did hit a couple of roadworks which are completely impassable so it may be worth mentioning them to guests.
    The first is at Visnjan but we went through the village and joined the main road turning right which bought us back to the planned route.
    The other roadworks are in Antonci and we followed the red painted signs which brought us back to the main route.

    Other than those the routes were very easy to follow.
    Reviewed by Pam Stanley on
    We have nothing but praise for our self-guided Istrian Wine roads tour. Fiore was most professional in dealing with us and we felt very well looked after. Our bikes were brand new and in excellent condition, being checked by Peter before leaving them with us. Receiving a detailed book of instructions plus another one with maps was great. Our accommodation, especially Guesthouse Lovac, was good.
    Unfortunately we had some cold, wet weather on the big day to Motovun but we managed to complete the day even getting cheers from onlookers as we cycled the final section to the top. It was good to know we were offered a lift by Fiore if we wanted it. Great value and great fun.
    Reviewed by Julie from Birmingham England on
    We really enjoyed the cycling trip in Istria. The bikes were great. Maps excellent with tips for stops etc. We would normally cycle further each day but managed to add more kilometres on our own each day (more optional suggestions in the map book would be great). The hotels were all welcoming. Motovun a must to visit and great little hotel. A few of the roads had traffic but very light in late October. Prior to the trip the help in Macs office was very good.
    Reviewed by John from London on
    Hotels were lovely. B&B Lovac and Villa Borgo (Motovun) were the best 2. Very friendly and welcoming and extremely helpful.Cycling was beautiful but in hindsight could have added a day to split the last day into 2 and cycle all of it from Porec to Rovinj. The sights and sea was stunningly beautiful. Only issue was that some of the roads were extremely busy and fast by the coast ( with lorries on) so we walked our bikes for those sections, but smaller coastal roads can also be found. The route doesn't really take you into towns but they are easy to find by following signs to the centre. Definitely worth doing.Weather was perfect early September. Booking experience was extremely smooth. Definitely worth it
    Reviewed by j from Canada on
    We're a loosely organized travel group from Canada - the make-up of our team varies, as does the nature of our expeditions. We've done back-pack multi -night treks, kayak trips and hikes where a tour operator carries our bags from place to place. This was our first venture on bicycles and, based on the experience, it probably won't be our last. Our main concern was that 2 of our group are not really cyclists and were worried about keeping up. e- bikes, however are a wonderful equalizer!!, Why did we choose Croatia? - mostly because none of us had been there - but it turned out to be a fantastic choice. The tour organization was excellent, route selection (for the most part) was great and the scenery, food and wine along the way was worth the long flying time to get there
    Reviewed by Chris B. on
    Thank you– We had a great time. Thank you for all your good directions. Was a great trip! Our guides, Luca, and driver Peter, were terrific. The bikes were also first class. Only a few things that we saw might be helpful to the next people. The first is to put travelers in the back rooms at Casa la Parenzana as the restaurant is open till 1130 at night and people out there are talking. There is no air conditioning so you have to either leave the windows closed and be hot or leave the windows open and stay up with the noise. The second is Palud Ornithological park – It would be helpful to say how far off the road it is and what seasons the birds are there. It’s a long way and we saw two seagulls and an egret.
    Directions in the Porec could be more clear.
    Reviewed by Colin Pearson on
    Beautiful area that is not spoilt by too much tourism, the local wine and olive oil were delightful.
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