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Walking green Istria short break


Imagine walking through green countryside full of vineyards, olive trees, rivers and forests, full of beautiful villages and medieval towns situated on hills. Indeed it sounds like a dream. This dream can come true! Join us on a walking adventure through green Istria. Learn about the natural beauty that will open before you every step of the way, and with every new winding of the road. Learn about the culture and heritage of Istria and visit picturesque towns on the hills with unforgettable views which will leave you breathless. Visit Hum, the smallest town in the world and experience the spirit of the past in Motovun and Grožnjan, the town of artists. To get to know the best of Istria, walk through Učka Nature Park which contains a wealth of life and, fi nally, round off this green adventure with the delicious fl avors of indigenous Istrian delicacies and wines.

● Sightseeing tours of the medieval towns of Grožnjan, Motovun and Buzet
● Visiting Hum, the smallest town in the world,
● Hiking in Učka Nature Park
● Exploring the rich cultural heritage and local culinary delicacies
● Parenzana, railway of a of great historical significance for Istria


Arrive in Istria. Info meeting with Fiore representative at 7 pm at the hotel reception area where we will provide you with the package including hotel vouchers, maps and a road book, luggage tags. Overnight in Motovun.

Accommodaton: Guesthouse Lovac in Kaldanija or La Parenzana in Volpija or similar
Meals: not included
Walking distance: none
Transfer: not included, can be organized from any town/staton, airport

After breakfast you are ready to start exploring Istrian villages and hidden paths. After 10 minute transfer walking stage starts on ex railway Parenzana. Parenzana was a narrow - gauge Austrian railway connecting Trieste with Poreč through a series of Istrian small towns, for 123 kilometers long. The railway was in function from 1902 until 1935, and today, the track has been rearranged for cycling and hiking paths wounding through Istrian hills. Grožnjan will be your start point. After you saw It's galleries and viewpoints you can pass through magnificent rolling landscapes and lively Istrian vineyards. Afer passing through several tunnels, over old bridges you can stop on many fascinating view point before reaching the village of Livade, the truffle center of the world where you can taste and buy some products with truffles. In front of Livade on a hill is the town of Motovun where is your hotel.
Overnight in Motovun.

Accommodaton: Hotel Kaštel 3* or Villa Borgo 3*in Motovun or similar
Meals: Breakfast included
Transfer: 10 minutes transfer luggage transfer
Walking distance: Ascent: 546m. Descent: 609m. Distance: 24 km / 15 miles. Time: 5-6 hours.
Alternatve shorter walk is available at approximately 16 km / 10 miles, taking 3-4 hours
Highlights : Parenzana ex railway line, Tunnels and bridges, Grožnjan the city or artsts, Livade the trufe center of the world,

Path from Buzet to Hum can be a circular trail or one way if you start from Hum. The trail starts by the river and turns into the forest, passing over shallow river or riverbed if it's dry. It's passing by some waterfalls with lakes. Nice, and not too steep, the trail leads you all the way to Korita, the water springs with natural pools and an old watermill. The trail continues following the riverbed and it's passing through Benčići, an abandoned village where you can see traditional Istrian stone houses. From there you'll see Hum and its recognizable church tower in the distance. When you get to Hum, take a walk and you'll understand why it’s the smallest town in the world. In Hum you can eat in the local "konoba", a word from the local dialect that means restaurant. The "konoba" in Hum offer you nothing but traditional Istrian dishes. The «way of mistletoe» will lead you all the way back to Buzet. It takes about 3 hours of hiking in one way. Overnight in Buzet.

Accommodation: Hotel Vela Vrata 4*, Buzet or similar
Meals: Breakfast included
Transfer: not included
Walking distance: Ascent: 553m. Descent: 560m. Distance: 24 km/ 15 miles. Time: 7-8 hours.
Alternatve shorter walk is available at approximately 12 km / 8 miles. Time: 3-4 hours.
Highlights: Mirna river canyon, Nature, Old mill on the river, Kotli (natural pools), Hum the smallest city in the world

Transfer to Poklon, a saddle between two hills from where trail starts. It goes on the top of Učka mountain which is biggest mountain in Istria with altitude of 1401 m .From the top it goes all the way down on sea level in Lovran. Path is covered by oak and chestnut forests that give pleasant freshness in hot summers. The very summit of Ucka (Vojak) is worth to climb on for stunning panorama. The panorama of Kvarner bay includes sea and coastal towns, as well as the mountains in background: Obruc, Snjeznik and Risnjak Western side the whole Istria peninsula lies in front of you. Sometimes, if visibility is good, view towards to Venice and on Alps on the north side. Overnight in 4* hotel in Lovran.

Accommodation: Hotel Park 4* in Lovran or similar
Meals: Breakfast Included
Transfer: 30 min transfer from Buzet to Poklon (Start point) luggage transfer
Walking distance: Ascent: 452m. Descent: 1386m (optonal 452m descent). Distance: 11 km / 7 miles. Time: 4-5 hours.
Alternatve shorter walk is available at approximately Ascent: 90m. Descent: 390m. Distance 6 km / 4
miles. Time: 2 hours.
Highlights: Učka nature park, Highest mountain in Istria (1401 m) , Beautful 360° view on surrounding Kvarner bay islands
and Istrian inland.

Afer breakfast departure.

Accommodation: not included
Meals: Breakfast included
Transfer: not included, can be organized to any town/staton, airport
Walking distance: none
Highlights: none

© This itinerary is the copyright of Fiore Tours




  • Welcome meeting
  • 1 x overnight in a guesthouse in Buje area
  • 1 x overnight in a 3* hotel in Motovun
  • 1 x overnight in a 4* hotel in Buzet
  • 1 x overnight in a 4* hotel in Lovran
  • 4 x breakfast
  • Information package including detailed route description (map and road book) and vouchers
  • Luggage transport between accommodations
  • 24/7 emergency number
  • Excluded

  • Travel insurance
  • Arrival and departure from Istria
  • Transfer from airport to hotel and re-tour (can be organised)
  • Pickup Instructions

    Transfer from airport or bus/station to start point can be organised. Feel free to contact us about any detailed informations. You can also meet us in our office From Porec to Motovun transfer is free


    This trip requires moderate physical condition.
    (Hiking shoes, backpack)



    Supplement for single room (when traveling with others)
    01.03.-27.04. 100,00 €
    28.04.-28.05. 100,00 €
    29.05.-27.06. 120,00 €
    28.06.-28.08. 120,00 €
    29.08.-27.09. 120,00 €
    28.09.-30.11. 100,00 €

    Supplement for single traveler (when traveling alone)
    01.03.-27.04. 180,00 €
    28.04.-28.05. 180,00 €
    29.05.-27.06. 180,00 €
    28.06.-28.08. 180,00 €
    29.08.-27.09. 180,00 €
    28.09.-30.11. 180,00 €


    Supplement for PREMIUM HOTELS per person in double room ( Classic price plus this supplement)
    01.03.-27.04. 100,00 €
    28.04.-28.05. 120,00 €
    29.05.-27.06. 130,00 €
    28.06.-28.08. 150,00 €
    29.08.-27.09. 130,00 €
    28.09.-30.11. 120,00 €

    Supplement for single room (when traveling with others)
    01.03.-27.04. 220,00 €
    28.04.-28.05. 220,00 €
    29.05.-27.06. 250,00 €
    28.06.-28.08. 280,00 €
    29.08.-27.09. 250,00 €
    28.09.-30.11. 220,00 €

    Supplement for single traveler (when traveling alone)
    01.03.-27.04. 300,00 €
    28.04.-28.05. 300,00 €
    29.05.-27.06. 330,00 €
    28.06.-28.08. 360,00 €
    29.08.-27.09. 330,00 €
    28.09.-30.11. 300,00 €

    Extra nights on the tour are possible on request


    Accomodation 3* and 4* hotels
    Small hotels runned by families with great service

    Who carries my luggage?
    On all tours, whether guided or self-guided, your luggage is transferred to your following night's accommodation. Luggage transfer is mostly carried out by Fiore Tours, by  sometimes we use also the accommodation provider or a local taxi service. Bags should be ready for collection by 09:30am and will be at your next overnight stop by 3pm.

    What equipment/clothing do I need to bring with me?
    You will need good walking shoes or boots, comfortable walking clothes, waterproof jacket and trousers, a daypack, and hats, walking poles etc

    Can I organize a trip with just my friends or family?
    Yes, just let us know your chosen trip and we can organize a private departure. Prices may vary from those given on the website, depending on the size of the group and date of departure.
    What is the accommodation going to be like?
    Accommodation is clean and simple. You'll mainly stay in small, locally-run, 2-3 star hotels and guesthouses, which reflect the character of the area.
    What is the food like?
    Breakfasts are generally buffets that take your active program into consideration with a variety of low-fat and high-nutrition choices. Lunch is generally on your own, although some groups tours decide to pool funds on some days and enjoy picnics en route. Dinners are usually included with guided tours, and dinner packages ("half pension") are a frequent option with self-guided tours. Expect either a fixed menu or a few choices. If you have any allergies, restrictions or strong preferences, please let us know as far in advance as possible.
    How far in advance do I need to book?
    We suggest you book as soon as your plans are finalised as Istria is extremely popular over the summer months.

    When is the best time of year?
    Traditionally April/May/June and September/October have always been the most popular time of year because the weather is better. July and August is better to avoid as it can be too hot for walking.

    When do I get my tour documents?
    You receive tour documents, including your hotel list and information on how to get to your starting town and hotel, tour operator contacts, packing tips, and other helpful information, about 2-3 weeks before your tour. You get packets with maps, route instructions, and sightseeing information at your start hotel.


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