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Experience Istrian Cuisine


The best known Istrian spoon meal – maneštra - is deeply rooted in the region’s culinary traditions. Once the most common meal on Istrian tables, and often the only one, maneštra is fashionable once again. The basis of Istrian maneštra is boiled potatoes and beans to which seasonal vegetables are added that give it a distinct name: maneštra od bobići (young corn), od jačmika (barley), od slanca or slanutka (chickpea), od koromača (fennel), etcetera. When pickled cabbage (sauerkraut) or sour turnip is added, it becomes jota – a typical winter dish.

A unique characteristic of Istrian maneštras is pešt (pesto). Pešt is made by mashing together chopped bacon, garlic and parsley to form a paste. It is added to the soup at the very beginning so the bacon is well cooked.

Istrian maneštra was also precisely defined by the type of pork that was added. The most common and appreciated addition was the dry ham bone which is still sacrosanct for a maneštra with young corn; in jota, it was obligatory to include dried bacon; dried pork ribs were reserved for the chickpea version, dried pork leg for the barley soup, and dried pork tongue for the fennel.


Arrival in Istria, meeting with guide and presentation of programe. Our gastro tour will start with istrian dinner and accompanied with good wine. Overnight.

Accommodation: Rural house 3*
Transportation:15 driving from Poreč to Bačva village

Breakfast,Our cooking course will allow you to immerse yourself in the culture and lifestyle of Istria and learn to cook authentic Istrian dishes. Together we will prepare a 4 course typical istrian meal for lunch.
• Maneštra - Te queen of rural Istrian cuisine. A thick soup of beans, potatoes, fennel and “bobici“ (sweet young corn), favored with bacon, “prsut“ or ham bones. “Jota“, the winter version, uses sauerkraut in place of fresh corn.
• Makaruni or pljukanci, spindle-shaped pasta, are gaining popularity and the most popular by far are fusi –tubes of thin pasta three to five centimeters long. The smooth dough is made from wheat, salt, eggs and water, kneaded and rolled into a thin sheet before being cut into 4x4 centimeter cubes. Opposing corners are folded toward the middle and pressed. Like lasagna, fusi also have a wide use but are generally smothered in homemade sauces (žgvaceti), or Istrian goulash - a thick, dense meat sauce.
• PEKA COOKING - Traditional cooking method of Istria’s interior. A clay pot and tightly fitting lid with a narrow hole are typically used. Filled with pork, fsh or chicken, potatoes and vegetables, the pot is buried in hot coals in an open freplace while the hole remains uncovered. Te method’s slow cooking yields a hearty dish with wonderfully tender meat and vegetables and beautifully integrated favors.
After lunch short drive to Porec-with its famous the 6th century Euphrasius Basilica,(UNESCO’s World Cultural Monument) for a walking tour. Visiting one of the best wine cellars in Istria, you will get aquainted with procedure of wine production and tasting of white (Malvasia), red (Teran) and sweet (Muškat) wine. In the evening we will a light fish dinner. Overnight.

Meals:Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Rural house 3*
Transportation: 15 min to Poreč
Visit: Poreč sightseeing tour, Wine cellar

After breakfast departure.

Meals: Breakfast
Transportation: Departure


Prikaži Istrian cooking course na većoj karti



• 2 overnights in agrotourism / rural hotel 3*
• 2 x breakfast
• 1 x istrian dinner
• 1 x fish dinner
• 1 x cooking course with lunch
• residence tax
• tour guide during whole program
• transfer in new minibusses
• 1 x wine tasting


• Travel insurance
• Transfer from airport to hotel and retour (can be organised on request)
• Flight tickets

Pickup Instructions

Closest airport is Pula.We can organize transfer for you


No special skills are required for this cooking course.


Other daily trips can be added to this tour.


Contact us for sinngle supplement.

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